To export your company reports proceed to the Reports tab in the company panel. Choose the period and press "Save to Google Drive" button.

Choose the google account that you want your reports to be exported to. If you do not have one it's possible to create by clicking on "Add account".

Then it's necessary to wait while the system will be collecting and exporting the results.

Then proceed to your drive account following and make login with your admin Gmail account that you SELECTED when Google asked to choose account.Once you are in Drive, find a folder that has the name of your company. There you will find 4 reports: Orders, Drivers, Clients, Dispatchers. Each report can be edited and filtered as you prefer. Please check the sample below.

1. Click with the Cursor to #1 to select all the table.

2. Put the cursor between the columns A and B, once the cursor will be in black color, click there twice, then the order of the columns and rows will be compatible.

3. In the option “View” select Freeze rows, then Freeze rows 1.

4. To activate Filters click where the cursor# 4 is showing.

Using this features it's possible to sort the driver's/passenger's info in the way you want.

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