You can import a list of drivers directly from our new company panel available in beta version.


1. Proceed

2. Name: beta Password: feedback

3. Login with your company email



 It is convenient when your company is starting to work with Onde or due to any reason you need move your activity to another company panel.

To proceed with the import of the drivers, go to the Company Management >>> Drivers >>> Import list of drivers

You can copy/paste or directly upload the list to the system. As well it is possible to subscribe all the drivers of the list to a particular plan. 

The list must contain three columns Phone, Name and Email headers. 

Onde system will send invitations to the imported drivers to download Driver App and sign up. The added drivers will appear as “Invited”. Now you can add all the necessary information about vehicles, change subscriptions, monitor information about transactions and manage your drivers the way you need.

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