While building own brand you want for everything to look perfect. And links shouldn’t be an exception. Let’s suppose that your domain is www.saytaxi.com and you want to access your company or dispatch panels by typing company.saytaxi.com / dispatch.saytaxi.com. In order to personalize your URLs proceed with the following steps:

  1. Enter your domain dashboard (usually it is in Godaddy or in the web where you purchased your domain name), select the domain name that you want to use and click on settings;
  2. Select DNS management;
  3. At the bottom of the Records section, click Add and select CNAME from the drop-down list;
  4. Set "Host" as "company" (in our example this will give you company.saytaxi.com)
  5. Set "Points to" as "company.taxistartup.com"
  6. In TTL field set 1 hour or 30 minutes;
  7. Click Finish and save changes.
  8. Add another CNAME record with "Host" as "dispatch" and "Points to" as "dispatch.taxistartup.com"

Once these steps are made, drop a message to support@taxistartup.com to make necessary configurations from our part. Configuration fee applies.

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