You have Apple developer account already? Great, so we can place your apps there. If you do not have it yet, let's create one.

We advise you to obtain a new Apple ID. TaxiStartup needs full access to developer accounts, we do not want to make you uncomfortable to share password to your private Apple ID.

After Apple ID is created, let's move on with developer account

Login with your Apple ID credentials. Before choosing if you go with Individual Developer Account or Company/Organization Developer Account, check the differences between them.

Difference between Individual and Company developer accounts

Seller name listed on the iTunes App Store is based on the type of account selected. Apps published to Individual Developer Accounts will display your personal name - e.g. Alice Portman. Apps published to Company/Organization Developer Accounts will display the Company Name entered within the iOS Developer Account - e.g. MultiBrains.

Individuals or companies without an officially recognized business should apply for Individual Developer Accounts. Individual account enrollment takes 24 hours.

Legally recognized Companies should create Company/Organization Developer Account. To create it you need to obtain a DUNS number - unique nine-digit standard business identifiers. Company account enrollment takes 1-3 weeks.

Individual developer account can be switched later on to Company account. It is easier and faster to start a new account as an Individual. So to start development of your apps you can create an individual account first and move to company account later on.

Fill in required information

After choosing account type (and obtaining DUNS number if needed), provide contact information, mark required checkboxes and confirm Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Once all these steps are done, click ‘Purchase’ to enroll and pay for your Developer Account. Apple developer account costs 99USD/year.

Fill in the billing information and press ‘Continue’ to complete the payment and setup of your yearly Apple developer account

Once the payment is done, Apple will send a confirmation email within 24 hours notifying you that your account was successfully created. After this, add email and password to your checklist.

Important notes

Do not enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

Email and password to your Apple ID never have to be changed.

Costs for individual and organizational developer accounts are the same - 99 USD/year.

Do not forget to renew and pay for your membership every year.

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