This article helps drivers to process pre-orders. Pre-orders can be placed up to 30 days in advance through dispatch panel, passenger app and web desk.

Once the pre-order is submitted it will immediately be displayed in the driver application and stored in the "New scheduled Jobs" folder. At this state the order can be claimed by any driver.

Each new pre order will be stored in this folder as a list.

If a driver wants to accept one of the pre-orders he should tap on it and select "Accept":

Confirm the message "Scheduled order successfully added" by tapping "OK".

The app screen will be instantly updated and the pre-order transferred from "New scheduled jobs " to "Assigned jobs".

Once the pre-order has been taken by any driver it will immediately disappear from the apps of all other drivers who had previous access to it.

30 minutes before the pre-order time the driver will get a push notification "Your next job is in 29 minutes" (if his app is folded) or a ring tone alert (if his app is open).

To start the pre-order the driver should open the "Assigned job" and press "Go".

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